Services Offered

J.P. Morgan Franchise

  • PricingDirect benefits from direct access to insight and market color held by J.P. Morgan trading desks, and research and technology of J.P. Morgan, a firm with broad capabilities in primary and secondary markets.
  • PricingDirect offers product expertise in fixed income securities, distressed securities, and derivative products.

Real-time Market Access

  • PricingDirect evaluators monitor market data throughout the day.
  • PricingDirect evaluators work closely with trading desks to reflect market changes.

Client Confidentiality

  • Evaluations are independent of client and position size.
  • Client positions are confidential and are not disseminated to the broker dealer or to other third parties.

TransparencyDirectSM and Risk ReportingNew

  • TransparencyDirectSM is a web portal that provides security-level evaluation inputs, a deep dive analysis of observed market pricing, back-testing graphs, and customized risk reports that measure liquidity and volatility for a given subsector.

FASB ASC Topic 820
(FAS 157)
Fair Value Measurement

  • PricingDirect has created a methodology book to help clients determine input levels for FASB ASC Topic 820 hierarchies.
  • PricingDirect offers guidance in preparing disclosure statements.

SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Auditing Standards

  • SSAE 16 / SAS 70 is an effective way for service organizations to communicate internal control information to their clients.
  • PricingDirect is the only valuation service that has been compliant with these audit standards every year since 2005.

Price Challenge Procedure

  • PricingDirect has developed a comprehensive price challenge process, with direct evaluator involvement, to respond to all challenges in a timely manner.
  • Using a web portal or an Excel add-in, clients can register price challenges and receive real-time challenge responses.

PricingDirect Plus

  • PricingDirect Plus is a comprehensive analytical service covering the full spectrum of fixed income securities. It presents delinquencies, severity of loss, scenario analysis and stress testing based on loan level modeling.

Customer Base

  • PricingDirect has a diverse customer base including: asset managers, audit firms, banks, broker dealers, custodians, hedge funds, insurance companies, issuers, mutual funds, private equity, service providers, software companies and UCITS.

PricingDirect Inc.

Using state-of-the-art technology, PricingDirect offers its clients the highest quality evaluations available, across a broad range of fixed income securities and derivative instruments.